Skyblock 2.0 UPDATE LOG #1


Sep 4, 2021
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Hey everyone, I am happy to announce the official release for SKYBLOCK 2.0!
This update brings some major changes to skyblock so make sure to read closely.

Since Skyblock 1.0 was released, it was a major sucess for being in the alpha phase!

Let's first start off with mob stacking.

Mobs will stack up to 64 entities' before splitting into a new stack, same for dropped items.
Fall damage will of course kill the whole stack as expected. Damage delt to a mob will also reflect to the next one so let's say a mob was at a half heart, when the mob dies it will carry the extra damage to the new mob in the stack.


Block Stacking
You can now stack blocks to save space for important items. Blocks can be stacked up to 127 times before making a new stack. To bypass block stacking, just hold shift.

Item Stacking
Item stacking is pretty much self-explanatory, dropped items will automatically stack up to 64 entities.


With these new features we also fixed the item pickup to be automatic and disabled to delay when dealing damage to mobs.
we also added the ability to pick up spawners with a silk touch pickaxe.

Don't forget to show your support to us by making donations on our store.
That's all for this update, see you in skyblock FP lovers! :apple: