Sep 4, 2021
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Hello everyone.

René here! =) As something new, we're going to release Update Logs, which shows you exactly what has been changed on our server. I will be doing these update logs whenever we do any drastic changes that you should all know about. You will get atleast 2 a month (as we group them together), with all the fixes that has been done.

- Various Teleporters have been fixed/removed/added depending on their location.
- Pets have been fixed (Replaced with a new system) and now work through your Phone again.
- Skeleteon Horses + Skeletons should be removed successfully on all maps now. Yay for staying alive!
- Various performance issues have been fixing.
- Custom Items/Decorations disapearing on the Roleplay server should be fixed, or atleast improved.
- Horse Pets and Pet riding have been disabled due to bug abusers.
- Testing new Inventory/Currency saving mechanics.

- The pet system is now back. You can purchase new Pets in the Mall, at the Pet Store! Your pets will be added to your Phone, and can be summoned via that! Pets can be used for various things, such as riding them and using them as hats and make for a general nice collection item.

More pets will be added in the future.

Points and Coins:
- The entire Points and Coins system has just been revamped today. You will notice some prices seem higher, while others are lower. This has been done to balance out the system, to something that works far better for all of us. Doing this has been a preparation for something huge to come aswell.

Coin value has been increased a whole lot, as you will notice on our Store. This also means that all general prices have gone up of course, however, still stays balanced and reasonable, and the total amount-spent on a item, should still be roughly the same (and cheaper in some cases!).

In the future, you will be able to earn more Points than what you currently can, by doing daily chores if various sorts.

Final Say in this update log:
-As a side note, I'd like to remind you all that Exploting/Abusing bugs will result in a punishment equal to the crime. If you are caught abusing something that you should OBVIOUSLY report, you will be punished. Everyone that abused the Horse/Lucky Crate bug in the past two days, are getting a Currency Reset, Inventory Reset and 3 Day Ban (As a minimum). Once again, DO NOT ABUSE BUGS.

Have a nice weekend everyone! :)