Sep 4, 2021
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Hello everyone.

René here! =) Sorry for the super late Update Log! Been a busy start of the year for most of us.

- Roleplay 2.0 was launched in December, all around a good launch.
- Phone should be fully working now (Gadgets + Friend system removed until further notice)
- Points Quests have been added - Get points daily by doing various quests in the town!
- Lots of new areas to roleplay in has been added.
- Performance issues with render distance has been improved.
- Horse Pets are still buggy - riding them should be back very soon though, along with new pet types.
- Testing new Inventory/Currency saving mechanics. (New currency system seems to work just fine!)

- Completely new Freebuild server has launched. Follows the ForeverPlay ideals and views in terms of rules.
- Bigger plots than before! A plot is now 81x81. Compared to our old plots, thats nearly 4 times as big!
- Coin system (seperated by Roleplays coin system) has been added. Vote daily on Freebuild to get coins - Spend your coins on various Freebuild perks, hats and upgrades.
- If you notice any bugs, please /mail Rebae with a explanation ingame, or post it here on the forum.

Updated Store Information:
All ranks purchased on the ForeverPlay store, is PER server. We have choosen to do this, to keep the Rank prices somewhat low in favour for the majority of our users. This goes for all items on our store.

An example of this, would be if you where purchasing a Super rank. If the super Rank applied to ALL servers on our entire network, it might have cost twice as much as it currently does. However, if you are only interested in Roleplay, and would never play on Freebuild or Survival, you would be paying for a lot of things you do not need or want. Therefor, we're decided its better to do it th is way. This means the Super rank on roleplay would realistically be a lot cheaper, and so would the ranks on other servers. As an example, the highest rank on Freebuild, is 30 USD.

Hope that explanation makes sense :)

Final Say in this update log:
-As a side note, I'd like to remind you all that Exploting/Abusing bugs will result in a punishment equal to the crime. If you are caught abusing something that you should OBVIOUSLY report, you will be punished.

A fun and exciting month should be ahead of us, due to various events being planned (I will do some daily during weekends as usual :D), Valentines Day coming up soon, plus a new Survival server is in the making!

Have a nice weekend everyone! :)