ForeverPlay Official Rules

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Sep 4, 2021
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Forever Play Official Rules

In this thread we will be going through the server’s rules. You are requested to read them thoroughly and follow them. Breaking any rules will result in punishments such as kick/mute/ban.

General Rules:
  • Be respectful towards the players, staff and each other.
  • Do not ask for Ranks, Staff, OP or any advantages.
  • Keep everything PG.
  • Do not bend the rules.
  • Report bugs instead of abusing them.
  • Do not hack, cheat or scam.
  • Keep chat clean, do not use caps/spam/offensive chat.
  • Do NOT ask for money/coins/advantages.
Ban/Mute Evading is forbidden! If you will get caught using an alt while on Ban/Mute your alt will be permanently banned.

Ban Punishment Offences:
These listed offences are forbidden and will result in a ban and eventually a permanent ban!
  • Using Mods/Hacks - The only Mods allowed are Optifine/Shaders. Using any other Mod/Hack is not allowed!
  • Advertising - Providing IP’s to other Minecraft servers. Posting links to your livestream/youtube video or channel etc without being asked or acquiring permission. Mentioning your youtube channel/livestream name/ talking about other servers etc is also not allowed. If you wish to advertise your youtube video/livestream which was filmed on ForeverPlay, please contact a staff member and wait for their approval.
  • Keep chat PG- posting any inappropriate links is forbidden!
  • Block Glitching - Breaking blocks that you don't have permission to break in order to get to an area/position that you normally could not reach.
  • Griefing - Abusing a bug in the game to add/destory someone else's plot on Creative.
  • Emote Spam/Abuse - Using emotes to spam chat or avoid a mute punishment.
  • Premium Abuse - Abusing any of the perks given to you through your donation rank.
  • Offensive Skin/Name - Having a vulgar, offensive, racist or inappropriate skin/name on our server.

Chat Punishment Offences:
These listed offences are forbidden and will result in a warn/kick/mute. If you will keep breaking those rules you will eventually be permanently muted.
  • Continous Caps - Typing in all caps more than 2 words or more than once.
  • Spam - Spam can be anything typed in chat that is more than 3 lines or typed repeatedly over and over again. This can include spamming letters, numbers, symbols, etc.
  • Misuse of Shout - Abusing the shout command or using it for something other than asking questions / announcing a roleplay. Includes using shout for roleplay.
  • Foul Language - Cursing/using foul language in chat. Could be using abbreviations as well such as wtf/stfu/etc.
  • Player Abuse - Cursing, using vulgar language, making sexisitic comments toward a player.
  • Trolling - Telling users to type “Alt+F4” in chat, excessive complaining to annoy staff/players, trying to make other players break rules etc.
  • Impersonating Staff - Claiming to be a staff member or pretending to be the server console.
  • Talking back to staff - Players that purposely attempt to annoy staff and question server rules. Player who doesn't listen to what staff says and have complete disreguard/disrespect toward a staff member. May also apply to disrespecting the server or it’s rules.
  • Inappropriate Chat - Making sexual comments in chat or making some sort of sexual roleplay. Remember we have kids of all ages playing on our server, so make sure chat is PG and appropriate for everyone playing here. Religion and Politics goes into this category aswell, as it easely sparks unwanted discussions and drama that we do not want.
  • Racist Chat - Racist comments in chat.
  • Talking in a different language - It is required for all players to chat in english so everyone can understand you and we can make sure you're not using it to swear etc. You're welcomed to join our official Discord with your friends and speak to them in your language there!
  • Asking for Ranks/Staff/OP or any other advantage.

If you find a bug on the server please immediately report to the staff and/or the forums and do not abuse it or tell others! Anyone found abusing bugs will result in a punishment corresponding to the bug abuse.

The Website/Discord:
All rules listed here apply to the forums and Discord as well, be respectful towards everyone.

If you feel you have been mistreated by one of our staff members please message wildmaster84 directly with proof. Please handle the situation respectfully and don't make a huge issue in-game.​


  • Be respectful and kind to everyone.
  • Answering questions and helping anyone needing help.
  • Welcoming new players with open arms and making them feel belonged is something we highly appreciate.
  • Having fun with eachother.
  • Making forum games and getting to know eachother.

For any inquiry you’re always welcomed to message one of our staff members and we’ll respond as soon as possible!​
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